Our services

I am specialize in all type of clothing alterations and armed forces uniform. Below is a short price listing and my recommendations of what you should bring in for your fittings.


~Bridal dresses: Please allow 2 fittings for your dress. If it is a floor length dress, remember to bring the shoes that you will wear on the wedding date for appropriate length.


~Long pants/jeans/dress/skirt: Please rememer to bring your shoes that you normally wear with this piece of clothing for appropriate length.

Price Listing:


Pants or jeans hem                     15.00


Pants hem with cuff                    22.00


Jeans euro hem                          18.00


Dress pants in without waist      28.00


Jeans take in center back           34.00


Jean dark in waist                      19.00


Short sleeves no button              18.00


Short hem shirts                         18.00


Shirt side in                                 19.00


Shirt dark on back                       19.00


Suit sleeves with vent/button      55.00


Suit side in                                   30.00


Short skirt with vent and lining   35.00

Low collar of suit jacket              38.00


ATTENTION: The actual price will be determined by the seamstress due to various reasons such as the type of materials, the amount of time, and etc.  Thank you for your cooperation.